What to see in California

California is a beautiful state filled with numerous places to see. When you think about California the cities of San Francisco and Los Angeles come to mind but there are many other cities you can explore in California. Start by picking up a travel guide for the state and looking through the different attractions in the lesser known cities of California. Another idea is to talk to people who live in California to get suggestions on what to see there.

Things To Do In California

Chatsworth-CA-91311One good city in California to visit is Chatsworth. Check out the athletic training center for youths and young adults called the Ballyard. This facility is a place where young ones can receive instruction in fitness and athletics over a period of weeks from trained and experienced coaches. The facility teaches footwork, flexibility, speed and endurance, which are all important in athletics and fitness exercises. If you have active children, this facility would be great for them. There is also the Stoney Point Park and this place has plenty of hiking trails and beautiful dens.


CaliforniaAnother neat city to visit in California is Salinas. If you’re a huge John Steinbeck fan you should check out the National Steinbeck Center in Salinas. This center is dedicated to the life and career of this great author and you will enjoy the walk-through exhibits there. For those who are history buffs, check out the Medical History Museum. This museum is located inside the Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and you will learn about important moments in the field of medicine going back to the 1700s.


13If you visit Gilroy California, you should check out the Garlic Festival. The festival is one of the state’s top festivals and you can savor a variety of garlic Chemed dishes from the area’s most talented chefs. You might also see a few celebrities since they often appear at the festival. The Casa de Fruta is another cool place to check out in Gilroy. It includes a farmers market, carousel, and a wine and cheese shop. This is a great destination for foodies.


In conclusion, there are many attractions in California to check out that you don’t always hear about from travel writers or your travel agent. This is why it pays to read a variety of travel guides to get a better picture of what the state offers. California generally has great weather with rainy periods throughout the year so you will be comfortable during your visit.